Smile In One Day

A new smile in just one visit!

With Componeers we can offer you a beautiful, white smile in just one session thanks to revolutionary, cutting-edge ready-to-fit ultra-thin veneers. Long lasting results.

  • shade correction (when bleaching is not enough)
  • enamel defects
  • worn, broken or short teeth
  • teeth misalignment
  • shape and size correction
  • spaces between teeth


Smile to Go is a technique that uses ultra-thin veneers that are only the thickness of a contact lens. This minimizes the necessary preparation of your teeth, making it a simple and conservative treatment option. The ultra-thin veneers are selected and contoured by your dentist before being bonded directly onto the enamel of your teeth.

Step 1

Consultation to check condition of your front teeth and discuss options

Step 2

Your teeth are prepared for veneers, with minimal or no tooth reduction.(due to the ultra-thin veneer material)

Step 3

The veneers get bonded to your natural enamel and evaluation of your smile and minor adjustments if indicated

Step 4

You leave with a brand new smile!


An instant, natural, beautiful and youthful smile done in one appointment

Advantages of the technique
  • Reliable comfortable treatment.
  • No anesthetic (if minimal preparation is indicated).
  • Quick procedure, usually requiring only one session.
  • No transitional stage using temporary veneers.
  • Long-lasting (better longevity than bonded composite)

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