Teeth in a Day in Stamford

Teeth In One Day in Stamford

Loss of teeth is one of the major change people face. ….. and it leads to changes in diet. A majority of people with dentures lose 90% of their chewing function. Chewing becomes uncomfortable and suddenly you are embarrassed of your smile. Research shows that replacing missing teeth can add 5 years to your life. We now have an incredible solution!

It’s called TEETH AND IMPLANTS IN ONE DAY. With Teeth in One Day, you can go from uncomfortable dentures or bad teeth, to implants and new beautiful teeth, in one day! Quickly, you can eat better. This procedure requires a team of a Prosthodontist and an Implant Surgeon . Our office has the capabilities necessary to provide this specialized and leading edge technology.

We make this very simple for our patients. One location, one team, one fee. We plan your treatment with an advanced 3D scan, place the implants, and give you beautiful and functional teeth all in one location. This alternative to dentures is more cost effective, provides greater comfort, and is very reliable.

SO Don’t make any implant decisions before seeing this revolutionary technology! Call us to set up your FREE CONSULTATION. We welcome second opinions. if you would like more information, please call us at (203) 325-4700.

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